Friday, November 21, 2008

Emijaa Jaaemil 101

Welcome All...

Thank you for taking interest in who I am and my love for all things created with a large, passionate imagination. This blog has come together due to numerous people wanting to learn more about the things I create.

I'm a designer. I create very chic and sophisticated costume jewelry. What exactly is Costume Jewelry? Well according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, costume jewelry is defined as: jewelry designed for wear with current fashions and usually made of inexpensive materials. My definition of costume jewelry is the same as Merriam-Websters only I design jewelry that can be worn beyond just your current fashions. My jewelry is created for everyday wear, whether it be something to jazz up your pinstripe suit or that lil black dress you'll be wearing to have drinks with your girlfriends.

With this blog, I will keep all who are interested up-to-date with anything new I design and create. If you feel like you've seen something on my blog that you just have to have or something you love but its just not the right color - please email me and let me know your interest. I am happy to try and create that special piece just for YOU!!

Just a few things - I work with artistic wire and as of Nov. 2008 have the following colors:
Silver, Copper, Non-Tarnish Gold, Gunmetal, Amethyst, Navy, Pink, Fuschia, Kelly Green

Below are some of the things I've created:

"Freestyle" Rings

All rings created can't be duplicated.
What you see is what you get and
nobody else will have the same ring you have!!


More pictures to come!!


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To All Of My Lovelies...

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. I appreciate all of your comments!!

Your comments are motivation to keep blogging and I hope that I can continue to give you things that not only make me happy but make you happy as well!!

Stay Blessed. Many Thanks...
Emijaa Jaaemil