Monday, March 16, 2009


Busy: full of or characterized by activity: e.g. a busy life.

It has been almost two months since I've made some additions to my blog. I apologize for the wait. As many know, I've had a hard time thinking of new pieces to create and have also been busy with personal things in my life. But I'm back and things are better than ever... I've been working very hard at bringing something new from Emijaa Jaaemil. So many ideas that I plan to share with you all. I've become much more organized, focused and determined on making Emijaa Jaaemil a small lil unique boutique in Brooklyn, NY. My goal is to update my blog on a weekly basis. So please, if your interested in anything you see please feel free to contact me!

New Pictures to follow SOON... so please check back!

Just a glimpse of whats to come!

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  1. welcome back :) is the necklace pictured a long one? would love to see something like that in fun spring colors


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