Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baggage Check

I love to carry big pocketbooks because I'm afraid to be out somewhere and not have all of my necessities...  I know every lady has items in their pocketbooks that they absolutely can't function without... Here's a look into my bag and all of the things I MUST HAVE to make my day run smoothly!!

  1. Blackberry - with trying to maintain a business and my social life, my blackberry keeps me updated with everything I need to know!!
  2. Wallet - who can function throughout their day WITHOUT their wallet?
  3. Metro Card - I have to get around some how!!
  4. IPhone - the newest addition to my technology craze - I'm still learning all about it but so far it seems like it may be a great investment (Thanks A. Graham)
  5. Wisps Disposable Toothbrushes - easy way to freshen up when going from the office to a night out!
  6. Sally Hansen Nail Polish and Nail Filer - for the quick fixes like a chipped nail, run in stockings you know the lil annoying things that happen to us ladies!!
  7. Keys
  8. Hand Sanitizer/Moisturizer - traveling in NYC or anywhere for that matter can have you come into contact with lots of not so nice things... lol
  9. Hello Kitty Mirror - I'm a huge lover of HK so it was only right that I have her with me at all times - and in what better way than a pocket mirror?
  10. Digital Camera - never know when you need to take advantage of a photo opp!!
  11. Comb - need to keep the strays tamed!
  12. Chapstick and Vaseline  
  13. Ipod - music is always needed when leaving the house!!
  14. Magazine - I love reading magazines - so I try to have the latest with me while traveling...
Those are just a "few" things I always have to have with me when heading out the house... it may seem like a lot but without it I'm a mess....

What are your essentials?


  1. i can def relate to the big bags. i have a girly pack that includes lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm + gloss, feminine produtcs (just in case), tissues, hair tie and bobbie pins. can't be caught out there lol

  2. I have to agree - the only thing i need to do is organize my bag a lil better b/c right now its a mess!!


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