Friday, January 8, 2010

Pamper Me Lovely...

Hey Dolls...

I'm sure for many of us it has been a long week and Friday is the day to "unwind".  This weekend I plan to pamper myself with some good old tender, love and care... We work hard everyday balancing our careers and social lives and for many others family, so why not take some time to Pamper Ourselves Lovely?

Some things I like to do to Pamper Me Lovely:
  1.  Bubble Bath with Baby Oil: I play my favorite music and let the bubbles take me to cloud 9.
  2. Manicure/Pedicure: Sometimes I treat myself to a mani/pedi - but on a budget I make it my "DIY" project!
  3. Massage: have your loved one put their hands to work or for great discounts!!
  4. Hair: I treat myself to a wash/set - let my beautician massage my scalp.
  5. Relaxation with choice of entertainment: I like to grab a magazine/book/music/movie/etc.
What are you favorite ways to pamper yourself?


  1. i pampered myself today :) did my hair, nails, and toes. there's something very nice about doing it yourself too- no salons, loudness, and other ppl.

  2. I have to agree... I try to pamper myself every week even if its just a long bubble bath... make it your routine - YOU DESERVE IT!


To All Of My Lovelies...

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Stay Blessed. Many Thanks...
Emijaa Jaaemil