Thursday, March 4, 2010

Standing Tall

I've always been a lover of shoes. I believe my shoe addiction has been genetically inherited since both my mother and grandmother have a deep love and large collection of shoes.  I don't quite understand exactly why I love shoes so much - maybe because they come in all shapes, colors and textures? or maybe because you can instantly change any look by just simply switching your shoe? Whatever the reason is... I love them!! Watching these few pairs carefully (all in my new found love of neutrals) - I'm hoping that they some how walk off the shelf and end up in my bedroom closet - saying "Wear Me!!".

(Left/Right: Aldo Shoes)

 (Left: Aldo; Right: Olivia & James)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to SPLURGE on the shoes I crave for the most since majority of them are definitely out of my financial league.  But I'm happy to report that despite my shoe addiction - whether for Christian Louboutins or Steve Madden (and everything in between) - I am always sure to have a pretty HOT and oh so delicious shoe on my closet!

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