Thursday, April 22, 2010

facts of life... emijaa jaaemil

{throwback - pic taken at LEVI store in miami last year}

Fact 1. I LOVE Starbucks Frappucinos (the bottled ones).  I should have a lifetime supply because I have one EVERY DAY!!

Fact 2.  I'm absolutely obsessed with Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and Melrose Place.  I have other shows I love but those I don't like to miss!!

Fact 3.  I carry entirely TOO MUCH stuff in my bag... I always think I'm going to need something so I rather leave home with it than not have it at all!

Fact 4. I love flowers - espcially dried up and dead ones! I know it sounds creepy but when properly dried they can be very pretty additions to coffee tables, book cases and dressers!

Fact 5. I'm very self-conscious about my nose. I"ll admit its a lil on the "big" side... some days I hate it and obsess over it other days I'm fine... (look at my pic... lol) - I guess I've learned how to work my angles!

Fact 6. I change my hair quite often and when I do I'm NEVER satisfied unless I tweak it just a bit!

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