Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Re-Decorating Mi Casa

So for the past week, I've been in the process of cleaning out the clutter and junk I've collected throughout my few years living at my Brooklyn apt..  My nights have been very long and sleep has abandoned me... When I first moved in, I had all of these ideas on how I wanted my FIRST apt to look but with a few decorating SHUT DOWNS that all became more of a dream instead of my reality. 

So, I've decided that it's time to re-decorate... Here are a few items I plan to get for my re-decorating project...

For my bedroom:

I've always wanted a cute lil sofa {Ikea - Klobo, $149} to add in my room.  This one is perfect for those days I want to look through my magazines before getting in bed!

This table {Ikea - Trollsta, $79.99} is the perfect size - I can add my favorite magazines in the slot and some flowers and candles on the top. I seem to be a little torn between the yellow and the black-brown.

For my Living Room:

I'm looking to get a new bookcase.  My magazine collection is growing and my coffee table and window sills just aren't doing the job anymore... I think I like this one {Ikea - Expedit, $99}...

I have a few other changes... but those are my BIG choices... What do you think?

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