Sunday, May 23, 2010

what i wore {5.22)

Hanging with my dad at his "yard sale" I decided to get him to snap some photos and I also did a little "shopping" - where i was able to pick up a few goodies!!

Fedora - compliments of my dad's hat collection
Tshirt - emijaa jaaemil (promo t's)
Forever 21 jeans
Aldo shoes
H&M denim jacket (worn to capacity and my favorite)
Vintage blazer - picked from my dad's yard sale (i can't believe he was hiding this treasure for sooo long!!)
emijaa jaaemil jewelry
Old Navy bag


  1. Thanks doll... they are the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn!!

  2. Love Love Love the shoes!! You look great!

    xx rk

  3. These shoes are hot slore! i must get a pair!!!! Sexyyyyy!

  4. I'm in love with your shoes! awesome!

  5. Hello darling, I'm here from delance fashion community, i'm happy to know your blog, that's really nice! You have got a great style! I love so much your fabulous shoes and your blazer! Amazing! See u soon! I follow u! Xoxo

  6. Boo you told me you HAD to get those shoes and now I see them on you and def think it was WORTH it! You rock everything so nice! I love your jean jacket to!

    Your sista from another mista*


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