Friday, June 18, 2010

Showing your "DARK" Side

this comes after a long conversation I had with one of my really good friends.  We happened to be discussing showing someone "new" the dark or maybe I should say NATURAL side of who we are.  When I say natural/dark I mean it in the sense of - no makeup, hair undone, chipped toe nail polish, shower caps, farts, etc.  I mean it in the sense that all of those things we do in the bathroom, at home, behind closed doors we never unleash. 

Personally, after some nights spent together I don't mind revealing my natural side, but to a certain extent that is.  Many people I know refuse to let their new companion see them at their worst for fear of what they may think or say.  I often ask myself, "Do we worry too much about what they will think if they smell our 'gases' or see us in a shower cap while taking a shower?" Most often the answer is yes - we do ponder way to much worrying about how appealing we are to those we share our intimate space with.  But it's only natural for us to hide behind the doors while doing things that are a essentially a part of being human. 

There is no magic "snap of the fingers" to make us picture perfect at all times in front of those we are trying to learn and know more about... but chances are if they are worth your time and energy, seeing you at your worst is more beautiful than seeing you at your best. 

What do you prefer to keep from being seen by the opposite?

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  1. I don't like to hide what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. It's true that we ponder about those things with our partner but life is too short to be hiding. I love me and they will love me too. Keep blogin Mijia I love you and Miss you "E".


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