Saturday, July 31, 2010

new beginnings... my hair journey 7/10

For the several weeks now I have been contemplating cutting my hair... I decided to go au naturale and grow out my chemically altered hair because I wanted to know what my strands are like in its natural state.  I've been doing some research on natural hair for quite a few months now and was convinced I was ready to go... after asking practically everyone I know what they thought about my decision, I decided that the only opinion that mattered was MINE... so on July 29th 2010 this was the result!

It definitely is taking some adjustment to get use to the cut/look but my motivation is how healthy, long and fabulous my hair will be in the future....


  1. Congrats!! It's a big change but it's an amazing journey. It looks good! :)

  2. Thanks doll... It definitely was a big change but i love it now... and i'm super excited for whats to come!


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