Thursday, August 12, 2010

the cover...

I'm a huge reader of fashion magazines and I'm completely obsessed with making sure I get every issue that comes out each month... (I do have several magazine subscriptions) but until today, reality hit that many of the covers of my most favorite magazines don't always feature African American women.  This year's September issue of VOGUE magazine, which to anyone who reads fashion magazines knows this is like the "bible" of fashion, features Halle Berry - who is the SECOND African American women to appear on VOGUE's September issue (Naomi Campbell was the first in 1989).  But the real nail biter is - in all of VOGUE's "September issue existence" it has taken 21 years for them to feature another African American women on the cover [during this month ].  Of course they have featured others throughout the year but the September issue is a very big deal!

Why do I rant? Because there are several BEAUTIFUL African American women with fierce style and grace that can and should be considered for such huge iconic roles. For example, Tyra Banks (not always my favorite but has opened doors for many), Beyonce, Rihanna, Iman just to throw a few names out there... However, many will say its a breathrough considering the next question, "how many Latina women have been featured on a September issue of VOGUE?" As a bi-racial woman (Puerto Rican/African American), it would be nice to see the women that I can relate to MOST on the covers of my most favorite magazines...

Will I stop reading VOGUE? Of course NOT but I do hope it doesn't take another 21 years to have a woman of color to be featured on the most important issue of the year!

I still LOVE VOGUE Magazine... I'm just disappointed in the politics of it all!

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