Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bohemian Chic...

This weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with my dad at the Atlantic Antic... He's been taking me there since I was a baby and it feels kind of like a tradition to go every year... I love the mix of cultures, vendors and support that people show every year... This year we actually walked from one end to the other... too busy trying not to miss anything, I didn't get many pictures but I managed a few snapshots and a few quickies when I got home...

My favorite pic from the Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn... I actually LOVE his pants...

On my way home... my dad and I were discussing how much we miss Tavern On Dean, our favorite restaurant, which was closed due to poor judgement by the Landlord... its was a few blocks away from where this picture was taken!

Sitting outside one of my favorite coffee/lounge spots - Sit and Wonder

This is definitely my favorite shirt!! I got it at H&M during Fashion's Night Out and it happened to be the LAST ONE! My best friend tried to get it from me but to no avail!!

{wearing: H&M Denim Shirt, Lucky Brand Jeans, Nine West Flat Slingbacks, Emijaa Jaaemil Necklace and Cocktail Rings w/ brass bangles (bought at the fair), my dad's Fedora}


  1. I absolutely love the chill village vibe you have going!! Def simple but stylish. Like your not even trying to look cute but your are.Would I be able to rock the same type of shirt with tights or is that a bit much? :)

  2. You can definitely wear a shirt like that with leggings or jeans... Tunic style tops are definitely versatile and often can be paired with various bottoms... I say try on a couple of bottoms until you find the style that feels most comfortable to you!! :-)

  3. I love it because I was def thinking black leggings with some sexy thigh high boots. Preferably maybe suede leather ones. I love your suggestion. : )


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