Friday, September 10, 2010

NYFW Day 1 - My Faves

NY Fashion week is major to all those obsessed and possessed by all things Fashion related...  I must say I fall victim to the excitment and expectations brought upon by Fashion {Week}.  Unfortunately, to physically become a part of the historic week, you must be very well connected, well known, or have some insane job with lots of perks that score you an invite to ANY/ALL of the shows... so since I haven't worked my way up the totem pole just YET... me along with many other dedicated fashionistas look to sites like, FirstComesFashion, New York Magazine, and many many others (so many to name!) to get up-to-date  feedback on what we can't physically see ourselves... So thanks to them I'm able to live my dreams through the computer... With that said, here are a few of my favorites from DAY 1 of NY Fashion Week!!

I love the mixture of prints and color used be Bensoni... and Christian Siriano never ceases to amaze me... love the jacket!!   

Blue has definitely been my color lately and I'm super excited to be carrying the color along with me into the spring!  I love the Blue Dress, I think its simple and elegant and embodies a great sense of versatility... I love any piece that I can dress up and down... and for me, all of these pieces speak just that... Versatility!

PS... I'm feeling extremely inspired by the colors, necklines and silhouettes!!

LOVE IT!!  What do you think?

Stay tuned for My Faves - Day 2!!

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