Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Wore - 9/1/2010

I woke up feeling good today and decided pictures were a necessity... I love wearing dresses especially when its hot like today, but I opted for pants instead! Feeling confident with my look today, I summoned my father to take some pics of me before strutting my stuff to work...

Last week I picked up this cute shirt from Conway... I've found some really cute blouses that seem extra comfy and work pretty well with the rest of my clothes... This shirt imparticular has zipper details on the sleeves... a definite plus!

These happen to be a pair of my favorite shoes... I don't wear them often because they aren't the most comfortable but I love them!

{wearing: blouse and legging pants by Conway, Nine West Shoes, Deux Luxe Bag,
Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry}


  1. i want to purchase a bracelet!!! i loved the one you showed off a few months back.

  2. Thanks. Please comment with your information so that we can discuss what bracelet it is you like.

  3. Your shoes and bag are to DIE FOR! Love them!

  4. Thanks doll... i have a LOT of nine west shoes... most of them i don't wear but i hope to pull some of them out :-) stay tuned!! thanks for always checking back!!


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