Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lounging on a Sunday

Sunday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a sun-filled day with one of my best friends... I almost NEVER go to the city on the weekends because the trains are ALWAYS messed up... but it was so nice and I needed to get some jewelry making supplies - I decided to deal with MTA...

I have TONS of sneakers but since I'm a girly girl, they sit in there plastic shoe boxes until some lazy day when I don't want to wear heels which isn't very often... I decided to put on my black leather chucks aka Converse with my FAVORITE shirt... I also decided to try a headwrap since lately I've been having a love-hate relationship with my hair...

{wearing: H&M Blazer and Shirt, F21 Skinny Pants, Converse Sneakers, Pocketbook -street find by my dad, Emijaa Jaaemil Necklace & Ring and F21 earrings}

Emijaa Jaaemil Tip: Don't be afraid to try something new or step out of your comfort zone.  The only thing that matters is how something makes YOU feel.  Don't be afraid to embrace that inner voice.  Try a new color or style... if you end up realizing it doesn't work for you then TRY something else... thats the beauty of fashion!!


  1. I agree. How do feel about always trying to match? I dont feel that you have to all the time. See your leopard pumps went perfect with your outfit. It was unique and stylish at the same time. I loved it : )

  2. Aww thank you. Honestly, I never try to be too matchy. I wear whatever I feel looks and feels comfortable/good at that moment. You'll be surprised how many things go together that you might not think look right... but it doesn't hurt to try and experiment!


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