Friday, October 8, 2010

Questionable Styling...

Everyone has their own personal style which is the best thing about Fashion... but I must say, Ms. Rihanna is dropping off the STYLISH grid more and more - especially since she started experimenting with her hair.  I always thought she had great style (or maybe more like a great STYLIST) but lately she's been looking a little haphazard!  I try to give her the benefit of the doubt but this ensemble is very QUESTIONABLE!!!

(Photo Credit: Mr. Paparazzi)

I'm not sure who thought this look was well put together and complimented Matt Kemp... but they failed with this one.

My reasons for hating this look:

Dress - beautiful dress but definitely NOT an outfit for an evening dinner with your boyfriend!
Shoes - FAIL especially with this outfit!
Socks - Cute but definitely not to be paired with "wizard of oz" red shoes!
Accessories - Maybe to be worn with some jeans but NOT with that dress!

Ways to FIX this styled disaster...
  1. Dump those shoes and socks.  Try a cute sandal or pump!
  2. Simple accessories pair much better than bright yellows and oranges!
  3. Save the dress for DAYTIME.
  4. Compliment your man - a simple cocktail dress would have been PERFECT!
Styling is everything! And if your ever in doubt - SIMPLE is always CHIC!!! Especially for a date with your companion!

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