Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Repeat Offenders...

I don't know if there are cardinal rules to blogging and I'm sure if there are - repeating clothing - is definitely at the top of the list! I'm INDEED a rule breaker.  I was asked by my good friend Dana to be her personal stylist... Dana definitely has a cute style already but I guess I'm a little more daring when it comes to putting things together.  She's heading to Vegas so we headed to Kings Plaza for some last minute pick-ups... Rushing home from work, I grabbed the most comfortable thing I could find that wouldn't take long to throw on... in this case - we have a repeat offender (H&M Denim Shirt) - seen here! (I'm sure there is another HINT... HINT... my H&M Leopard Blazer lol)

 Dana - my first "client" lol

 {wearing: H&M Denim Shirt & Leopeard Jacket (in bag), F21 Jeans, Nine West Shoes, 
Emijaa Jaaemil Necklace, Vintage Earrings}


  1. Meesh,

    I take some good ass pics. Thanks for helping me sass up my style. Mostly everything I picked up you hated and everything u picked up I ended up loving.

    Love Ya

    Satisfied Client

  2. Thanks doll... it was a pleasure and i look forward to our next meeting! :-) Have fun in Vegas and take lots of pics!! Love u too D!


  3. You are such a fashionista! If you see my closet you'll hate it, lol. I'm literally a plain jane! You should do a what i wore every day or every week and give tips on how to be more trendsetting, for us plain janes, lol..

  4. Indi... thats a great idea!! I will definitely keep that in mind for future posts!! :-) So please keep reading and any other ideas for things you'd like to see let me know! :-)

  5. Its ok..lol I'm guilty of being a repeat offender. Somethings are so cute they have to be repeated but not to much for people to notice : )

  6. That is true - but i've realized fashion is about what makes you you... and if wearing your favorite garments all the time makes you happy then you should do just that... just don't DOCUMENT IT! lol


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