Monday, November 8, 2010


While doing a little shopping during Fashion's Night Out, I came across the boutique Callalilai... I decided to take a peek inside after taking a quick look at their vintage inspired window displays... After glancing through a few of the clothing racks, I came across the most beautiful camel colored coat... The minute I tried the coat on I knew it had to be the newest addition to my overflowing closet... madly in love, I've worn the coat everywhere... and simply can't get enough of it... I've worn it mainly with dresses but I'm looking forward to wearing it with a pair of jeans and some 5 inch heels... but for now lets take a look at my new found love...

{wearing: coat by Aoyama Itchome, Black Dress by American Apparel, Black Suede Boots by Nine West, Earrings by Emijaa Jaaemil}

I don't know that I quite feel like myself in these pictures but I will say the coat is a beauty... 

Side note: I'm hating the 'growing' process of my hair - I wish I could snap my fingers and have it to the desired length but I guess that isn't reality!

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