Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind the Scenes {From Daytime To Diva}

I love to see so many young women like myself networking and creating friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime... Last night, I was behind the scenes taking pictures for makeup artist and good friend Kris Mari at the Daytime to Diva Styling event at Arden B and hosted by Sheri of RamenBerry.  (I know, I know that reads a mouthful!!) Normally, I'm trying to get pictures for myself, of myself but this time around it wasn't about me... I met some really cool people and was able to capture some great photos of my girl at work... As much as I love being in photos, I love taking them as well...

Guests of Daytime to Diva and Arden B.

Arden B. Sales Associate - Love her hair color!

Makeup Artist Jessica Marti of WatchMeBlush

Sheri {Host of the night} giving that fabulous smile...

Kris Mari doing what she does best - "beating up faces" - love this girl!

Another happy client...

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