Monday, January 17, 2011

Relaxed on MLK Day

Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., today was a nice free day to relax - no hustling on the trains, fighting for a seat or being pushed and shoved by people who clearly know they DO NOT FIT... I can't say I totally avoided trains since I did make a run to the city... but I was able to make it home in
 enough time to sit and relax... I love days off...

{wearing: Old Navy Boyfriend Sweater, Express Skinny Jeans, Emijaa Jaaemil Nuts&Beads Necklace,
Leather Button Earrings and Ring, and Silk Scarf (worn as head wrap) given to me by my Dad}


  1. Hey doll, you look amazing. I'm gonna need you to show my how to tie a scarf as a head tie. And, I love the earrings. :-)

  2. Aww - I can definitely show you at the Jewelry Party... and the earrings will be there for sale!! :-)

    Thanks so much!
    Emijaa Jaaemil

  3. Where is that necklace from?


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