Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Monday

With the sign of a warmer weather creeping up, I decided to wear one of my favorite blazers on Monday. I LOVE the color and the puffy sleeves... and I actually bought this blazer around the time I cut my hair... I always feel like I'm making a statement when I wear it.  Pops of color really make me feel happy in this weather...

{wearing: H&M Blazer and Knit Dress, Nine West Leopard Pumps and Emijaa Jaaemil Tiger Shell Earrings}


  1. I love the blazer.Such a cool electric blue.And the shoes are very very cute :)

  2. Thank you... @Tereza Both are from H&M - I love that store :-)

    @Dora - they are my favorite shoes but they are just a tad bit uncomfy...

  3. Is that what you wore to WORK??? You look soooo cute. I love the outfit and the hair.


  4. @Monet - yes doll that is what I wore to work... Thank you!! :-)

  5. Love that blazer. The color is amazing!

  6. @pintsizedinFluence - THANKS DOLL!! its one of my favorites! I want to wear it with neon nails!


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