Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the show {fuerza bruta}

Last week, I had the opportunity to see Fuerza Bruta... Outstanding show...



  1. These pics are AMAZING! Wow. Why don't you start taking your own jewelery pics? You should look into it. All the pics you take are awesome.


  2. Thanks Monet... I actually do take my own jewelry pictures its just a different kind of process... but I am working on new jewelry photos for the blog and the online shop!


  3. I know you do!!! Lol. But, you know what I mean...like you should do the actual "shoots" with your models. Like ... you're THAT good! :-)

  4. the pics did come out really nice!


  5. @Monet - I definitely want to take photos myself... I just need more practice! BUT THANK YOU...

    @Jo - they look great!

  6. @Jinna - it was a GREAT GREAT SHOW!!! you should check it out if your in the NYC area!


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