Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Away for the Weekend

Over the weekend, my family and I went on a retreat at Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center... We attended a women's Christian retreat which was amazing! I had the opportunity to sell some goodies at the Marketplace Shoppes and listen to some great testimony... The weekend was extremely busy since I was catching up with my family but I was able to snap a few pics of my new vintage addition I purchased while attending the Marketplace Shoppes...

{Wearing: H&M Blazer, Old Navy Tank, Express Jeans, Nine West Booties,
Vintage Fur Coat, Emijaa Jaaemil Earrings and Necklace}

For great vintage finds - check out Simple Thrift


  1. I love the H&M blazer :) I have one in black :P


  2. @Dora - i have the same blazer in black as well! :-)

    @Tereza - thanks doll... they are the most comfortable!!

  3. @Toya - check out the etsy shop at the bottom of the entry - she has some amazing stuff!

  4. you are just too cute for words, miss lady. love the look. is the blazer new? i really need one. do u know where else i can look? i don't have *any* cute blazers just my suit blazers and they're NOT poppin' for a night out. lol.


  5. @Monet - thanks doll I appreciate it... and I definitely recommend Zara or H&M for cute blazers... I LOVE Zara and they have a lot of cute clothes for this season! Also, check thrift stores - inexpensive and tons of great finds!

  6. I love the fur!!! That blazer is killing too!!!

    Jasmine Sinclair



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