Friday, March 18, 2011

Green {my favorite color}

One of my favorite colors happens to be green... since I got this Mossimo sweater from Target I haven't been able to take it off... it's so comfortable and goes with EVERYTHING I love to wear... I decided to take some pictures before going to see Adjustment Bureau (not sure how I feel about that movie but I would recommend waiting for it to come out on NETFLIX!)

{wearing: Mossimo sweater from Target, Old Navy V-Neck, Thrifted Skirt,
Steve Madden Boots, Emijaa Jaaemil Necklace and Earrings}



  1. LOVE it! (As usual.) ~Monet I love my sweater, too!!! =)

  2. @Monet - I think I have worn that sweater EVERY DAY THIS WEEK... its sooo comfy and goes with everything!!

  3. I know! I have to admit I've worn it 3 days this week, too. Lol. How can we not? Thinking about getting it in another color.

  4. Yes... I'd love it in black but might have to get the beige one!


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