Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On the Run

Lately, life has been so hectic {photo shoots, jewelry making, schmoozing}, I haven't had the chance or time to dedicate to taking pictures... On my way to work - YET AGAIN - I grabbed my father coming out of the coffee shop and had him snap some photos of me... this April weather has its highs and lows - so dressing for the season has been quite a royal pain!

 {wearing: Larry Levine Blazer, Thrifted blouse, F21 pants, Vintage Boots, Mulberry for Target Bag, Pashmina Scarf}

Are your mornings hectic? I always say there isn't enough time in the day for one to complete EVERYTHING on their To Do List!


  1. I absolutely love the scarf, it really pops on you!
    I'm already a follower!

  2. You hair looks great!! It's getting so long!!

  3. @Alex - Thank you... the scarf is one of my favorites...

    @Toya - thanks doll... not where I want it to be but its getting there!

  4. another adorable post - you never disappoint. i looked at my calendar today to figure out when you can come over to help me pack for DR. lol. But, with finals in the way I doubt it's possible. I will DEF email you outfit pics for your suggestions. i LOVE your style.

    xoxo always, miss jones

  5. @Miss Jones - i would be happy to help with outfit choices. DR is beautiful. Tips: make sure to choose items with lots of color and nice crisp whites! :-) can't wait to see your outfit choices!


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