Monday, July 18, 2011

Floral Arrangement

Going through my closet, I've noticed I have a huge array of floral clothing.  From skirts to dresses - I'm surrounded by flowers. I love prints!! They are exciting to mix and match and I love experimenting with them.  This particular dress I thrifted from a store in Virginia... it's a super comfy shift dress with a vibrant floral print... perfect for my big hair and great for running around!

{wearing: Thrifted Dress, Nine West Sandals, Emijaa Jaaemil Earrings}


  1. The floral print on the dress is very pretty and I'm simply adoring the shoes :)

  2. Lovely dress, great smile :)))


  3. Thank you!!! Hope ya'll are having a great day!! Stay blessed... xoxo MJ

  4. i love your dress, that pattern is amazing.

  5. Those are some cue shoes.. the whole outfit is hot.. loving the pictures


  6. beautiful dress and shoes!great sunglasses too!u look so pretty.i am following you cos i like your style and your blog.follow back if u want dear.


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