Friday, August 12, 2011

After Hours {at the Office}

Most days, I stay later than usual at work to accomplish personal tasks in an "office setting".  I often use the time to make phone calls, follow-up with emails and do a little research on business ventures.  Having a place to think about business is definitely important to me which is why I'm currently working on my home office. In the meantime, spending those few "after" hours is a good way to concentrate on my To Do List.

{wearing: H&M Striped Knit Dress seen here; Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry; Isabel Toledo for Payless Shoes}

I love dresses that I can wear all year long - especially since I feel like my office is always cold... this knit dress was perfect for today!! I realized we have terrible lighting in my office... So my apologies for the horrible picture color!  Learning about photography - lighting is everything!!


  1. Hey! You look awesome! This question is extra random, but where do you work?

  2. Thanks doll - I work for a law firm.


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