Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lovely Lace

When I first saw this dress on Forever21, I knew I had to have it for some special night out on the town.  I love the color and the style of the dress and I just so happened to purchase it for the launch of
Honey B. Creations - a consulting company that my friend and I have started. 
(More details from the event and about Honey B. Creations to follow.)

{wearing: Forever 21 Lace Dress, Snakeskin Print Platform sandals, Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry and Makeup by Kris Mari}

{with my friend and business partner - Kris Mari}

I love girly dresses!


  1. I love the dress!! Congratulations on the launch of your company!! You look amazing!!

    With Love,


  2. Thanks Jazmine - definitely a steal! You'll be sure to hear more about Honey B. Creations! :-)

    Stay blessed


  3. I love your dress, you look amazing, so cute.
    And I love your friends shoes, so elegant.

  4. @Tereza - thanks doll! we definitely needed to look the part!!

  5. Did u girls miss the launch? It was so nice...they had a masseuse, a beauty bar, jewelry showcase, a manicurist, drinks, swag bags, and raffled lux surprises, i.e. pole dance bootcamp, free massage at a spa, etc. Absolutely had a ball. Thanks E-


  6. @Jane - thanks doll - so happy you anjoyed yourself at the Honey B. Creations Launch... next event will be about HAIR! :-)

  7. Congratulations! Is your friend/biz partner a makeup stylist? I think she did my makeup at Curly Girl Collective.

  8. @pntszdinFluence Thank you!! YES doll thats my friend/biz partner - she did to the makeup for CGC... small world!

  9. Girl you are working that dress! Love it!!


    BTW it was nice e-meeting you in the IFBconf livestream chat. Take care!

  10. @cherrie - Thank you!!

    and it definitely was a pleasure e-meeting you as well! Please keep in touch!


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