Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sneak Peek {My Closet}

I decided to give my readers a glimpse of my closet.  It normally does not look this good on an everyday basis since I'm so indecisive about what to wear.  I try to keep it as organized as possible since I have so many clothes... it is definitely time to donate some clothing, I just find it so hard to part with them.  My mentality - I MIGHT wear it... the years go by and it iss still hanging in my closet! lol

This area of my room is always filled with a clothing mountain! lol I can finally sit comfortably!!

My closet (one out of the two in my room) is organized mostly by color although 
it doesn't quite look that way!!

I store my shoes in plastic shoe boxes purchased from The Container Store... I love them! 

I have tons of dried flowers throughout my house... I love how they look!

I got this statue while on vacation in the Dominican Republic... Kinda reminds me of me! :-)

How organized is your room/closet?


  1. Hey how about you come over and redesign my closet lol.

  2. @Dana - I'm down if you really need it done! lemme know!

  3. I love your dresser, please share where you got it from. I've been searcher for a great dresser. The clear boxes idea is great, I wish I was as organized as you to put them all in boxes. Thanks for the ideas!!!


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