Thursday, October 6, 2011

Currently Craving (Aldo "McIntyde)

Who would have known sequins and glitter would take over the world!! Shiny, sparkly shoes are popping up all over and I can't help but lust over the eye-catching foot candy. It's probably a rule somewhere that anything that glistens should be worn during midnight blue skies, but anything this sweet should shine ALL DAY!!  I spotted the "McIntyde" while browsing Aldo online and I must say these need to come home with me!!  I love the velvet trim, ankle strap and BOW (instant sexy) - I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict and while my current bank account doesn't allow me to buy ALL the pretty little things my heart desires -
 I may just have to add these to my collection!

What are your thoughts on all things that glisten!?


  1. Oh my gosh! So beautiful and pretty :)


  2. Those are hot!! I'll have to try them on the next time I'm at the mall!


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