Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Stop

This morning, I had to make a quick stop in Sit & Wonder (my neighborhood coffee shop) to drop off some pictures I printed for my dad. I decided to use this as the perfect opportunity to snap a few quick pics before rushing to hop on the bus... I definitely HATE "rushed" mornings...

 Day 3 of my wash and go with Eco-Styler Receipe...

{wearing: H&M Blazer, Thrifted Dress, Nine West Boots, Pashmina Scarf, Emijaa Jaaemil Button Earrings (coming soon)}

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  1. You look so beautiful, I love the colored outfit.

  2. Loving this.. BTW I just spotted you on Essence.com "Street style Hair" at the Curly Nikki NYC Meetup... Very nice


  3. @Tereza - thank you doll! :-)

    @Tammy - REALLY? thats too funny... Happy to see I've made it on someone else's website! lol - Thank you...

  4. so original and amazing!


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