Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LBD {Little Beige Dress}

One of the things I dislike about working in Corporate America {which I have expressed in an old post - not sure which one though} is that I'm unable to really wear what I'd like to when I want to.  Unfortunately, I have to follow the rules of NO Denim, Shorts, Too Short Skirts, etc. etc. Not to say that I can't be "fashionable" in corporate wear - it just blows that I have to think extra hard to find ways to break the rules.  Yesterday, I decided to pair my LBD {worn here} with a denim shirt.
2 Rules Broken: Denim and Mini Dress/Skirt 
{For the sake of work Black Sweater (not shown) and Tights camouflage the denim shirt and length of my LBD.}

{wearing: H&M Beige Dress, Denim Shirt (don't remember), Necklace (found by my dad), Nine West Boots,
Thrifted Bag, Callalilai Coat, Forever 21 Belt, Gap Sunnies, Emijaa Jaaemil Beaded Hoops}

Special Thanks to my sister Shelly for taking my photos...
She doesn't know it YET but she WILL be taking more! lol *waves hello to Shelly*

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