Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Spring Near?

The weather happened to be AMAZING yesterday. I normally don't go out for lunch because I'm lazy and caught up on the net but knowing that we were going to have a small taste of Spring-like weather - I had to indulge... So while doing some window shopping on Lexington, I had my bestie snap some photos before heading back to work... I'm loving this winter... I'm not a fan of freezing cold weather and we've been above average on more days than a few... I'm welcoming this Spring-like weather with OPEN ARMS!! 

{Wearing: Gap Dress, Old Navy Striped Shirt, H&M Coat and Tights, Banana Republic Shoes and Forever 21 Bag}


  1. Spring??? here are -20 Celsius degrees, so I'm going to say no, for now :).

  2. Fabulous outfit!!! That dress is adorable!

  3. @Tereza - her ein NY we've had beautiful winter weather... only a FEW super cold days!

    @Nik - Thanks doll!

    @Fashion Pad - THANK YOU...


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