Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Box Braids

{Loved the look of Fedoras with box braids - just make sure to invest in a hat big enough to fit with all that bulk!!}

Ever since I saw Solange with those ever so lovely "Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids", I wanted them.  I was intrigued and in love with how urban yet sophisticated she looked with them.  Myself, I often tend to get extremely bored with my hair - changing it up quite often.  I finally went ahead and got them done after a few months of contemplating... and I must say I enjoyed having them although after a month of heavy extensions - 
I was ready to reunite with my curly fro!

Styling My Box Braids

After doing a little research on the net - I saw several ways I wanted to try my braids.  But I realized after a few stints in front of the mirror, that my braids were rather HEAVY and the ideal styles I wanted to try were just going to cause me to have a headache... so I improvised... 

Below are most of the ways I wore my braids...

I absolutely loved rocking some Head Gear... 
Using a scarf gives you a ton of ways to rework your braids!!

Box braids can be a bit much when they are all just left loose to run around free on your head - so I often tied the front up in different ways to keep them off my face.

The high bun was the main reason I wanted these braids - but I realized shortly after trying it for the first time - it weighed my head down because they were too heavy.  So try the third look if you still want a cute bun without the heaviness of ALL your braids. 

Maintaining Your Braids

I am the worst person when it comes to PROPER maintenance of hairstyles.  I often fall victim to laziness which prevents me from properly taking care of my hairstyles BUT I'll give a few tips on SOME of the things I did when I wasn't being lazy.

  1. Always wrap your braids up - either with a satin bonnet, pillowcase - SOMETHING.  The same worries you have about your hair when it's not braided is the same worries you should have when it is braided.  Friction is no good PERIOD - so keep it on the Satin!

  2. Try to wash your braids with a diluted shampoo mixture once a week. {DO NOT totally immerse your braids in water, they will weigh TONS}.  Your hair WILL get dirty which may cause it to itch and flake - which brings me to...

  3. Keep your scalp oiled at ALL times.  A dry scalp is an itchy scalp which is NO good.  I learned that the HARD way.

  4. You are the ONLY one that knows your hair.  Don't keep braids in longer than necessary.  When your hair calls your name - respond.  Braids can be a lot of stress on your scalp.  It's great to give your hair a break but ALWAYS listen to her when she 
    tells you she has had enough.  
I'm by far no expert in hair but I can say I enjoy experimenting and learning new things.  I have always been one to do my hair myself {minus such styles like box braids} just because I'm not interested in paying someone else money to care for my hair when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself.  As I said before, ONLY YOU know your hair - what it can take, what it wants and how it feels.  Learn what works for you and stick to it.  I tried Box Braids and I loved them.  I did realize they were A LOT of stress on MY hair/scalp but I don't regret getting them.  It was awesome trying a new style and being able to share with you all my little journey.  If you're contemplating braids - I say try it one time - you will never know how you or your hair likes it until you try it.  And if you don't know what to do with it - go to the net - there's always loads of inspiration there!!

Now this has to be BY FAR my longest post ever... LOL... so with that said - until next time!!

Leave your comments/questions below.

Shout out to Loreal for her interest in learning more about MY box braids!!


  1. You braids are amazing, I love the look before the last one.

  2. Love box braids! I actually am challenging myself to wear them for 12 months off and on to grow out my hair. I may get them a bit larger next time tho.


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