Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspiration {Museum Of Natural History}

It has been on my list of "Things to Do" for a long while now and last weekend, I finally made it to the Museum of Natural History.  I love museums but I particularly love this one because it houses the "Hall of Minerals."  Being a jewelry designer, I find it extremely fascinating to see so many precious elements and how they have transformed into beautiful pieces of art.  There aren't many words that can express the feelings I had while touring the House of Minerals but after visiting once - I'm sure I'll make it my business to visit on a more frequent basis.

{Wearing: Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry, H&M Denim Dress, Nine West Espadrilles} 


  1. It has been on my list forever to hit up this museum! This is just reinforced motivation for me to go soon.

    1. Definitely make sure you go... and plan a FULL DAY b/c its definitely a lot to take in :-) I only wanted to go for the Hall of Minerals... the gemstones and minerals were amazing!!


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