Monday, July 9, 2012

Self Fulfillment

Over the weekend, I had a heart to heart with myself.  I came to the realization that I can enjoy my own company.  Yes - I'm sure many of you may read and say you enjoy your own company - BUT how many of us look for that friend to run around town with, share movies and giggle over lunch/drinks? For me - I always felt the need to have someone "around" when strutting around town but after several disappointments - the light bulb went off - and BAM!! I said to myself  "STOP waiting for others to do things..."

You CAN enjoy a movie alone, read a book in the park, grab some food in a cute cafe WITHOUT the travel companion! And indeed, after all these years - I set out to take Brooklyn by storm - just Me, Myself and I!!

{AT Brooklyn Bridge Park}
{Wearing: VS Top, Old Navy Blouse, Express Jean Cutoffs {self-made}, Zara Sandals and Emijaa Jaaemil Earrings}


  1. I agree, YOU can have fun with YOU. I used to do this back in my home town, now, not so much.

    1. Aww why don't you do it anymore?

      I'm kinda sad I realized this so late - I wouldn't have missed out on so much! But new lessons are learned everyday!

  2. Emijaa, I'm reading your post and it was to me specifically. I had the exact same weekend. Just me, myself, and I. My man was away. My bestie was away and so I was forced to just chill with myself. It was really good to just relax, meditate, and clear my mind of things that apparently were stressing me out. I didn't recognize it until I was alone.

    How's 50 Shades of Gray?


    1. Hi Dana!! It's been a long while... and yes I came to the realization that I was missing out on so much b/c I felt like I needed someone to do it with. and the reality is YOU DON'T. So I'm super excited you were able to just do you without the necessity of a "companion".

      Fifty Shades Trilogy is fun to read. I've enjoyed every bit of it! ;-)

  3. So true. I found this out a few years ago and not by choice. My bestie and husband moved far away and I came to some hard realizations about other "friends". I've since found the things I enjoy most (and always have) are things I can do alone (knitting, reading and shopping). I do have a few peeps to hang out with now and then, but I am more of a loner.

    I love reading your blog Sis! I appreciate the inspiration you provide. Bless!

    1. I know what you mean - for me it was a realization of not doing things and missing out b/c I felt like I needed someone to accompany me. Now - if want to do something I'm just going to go... not LOOK for someone to go with me... definitely a lesson learned!

      Thank you for reading!! I appreciate the support!!!

      Many blessings to you as well!


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