Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrifted {Pt.1}

Thrifting {for me} is always an exciting adventure.  Racks and racks of one-of-a-kind clothing at dirt cheap prices; How can you go wrong? I visit Virginia a lot throughout the year since that is where my mom and sisters live.  My mom is a huge fashionista and also loves thrift stores! So while in Virginia, I always make it my business to check out local thrift stores.  Aisle after Aisle and rack after rack - I always seem to come out with tons of goodies... On my recent excursion, below are some of the awesome items I got along with their price tags...

{Plaid Skirt thrifted for $0.99}

{Bright Floral Skirt thrifted for $0.99}

{Dark Floral Skirt thrifted for $0.99}

{Tribal Print Sweater Skirt thrifted for $1.98}

Also, here are some tips on adding your newly thrifted items to your wardrobe:

  1. ALWAYS launder your thrifted items.  Although most thrift stores wash clothing before selling, you want to make sure your clothes are CLEAN! Also, be sure to take necessary garments to a taylor for repairs and/or fitting adjustments if you're unable to DIY.
  2. After you have washed and/or repaired/adjusted your garments - it's PLAYTIME.  Mix and match your new treasures with your old ones.  Play around with integrating your clothing. The possibilities can be endless!
  3. Out with the old, in with the new!  Donate unwanted clothing or host a clothing swap.  It's always great to clean out your closet and rid yourself of clothing that you KNOW you will absolutely never wear.  {Unfortunately, this is where I struggle - but it's definitely an important rule.}  Make room for new additions.  Your "trash" is another's treasure!
Stay tuned to see how I rocked some of my thrifted finds from Family Thrift in Hampton, VA!!

P.S. more thrifted items coming next week! :-)

xx, EJ


  1. Love love LOVING that 3rd skirt! I was just telling my sister that I need to make a trip home to Chicago so I can do some thrifting.


    1. Thank you Mikaela!!! I love visiting my mom and thrifting... so much awesome stuff when you thrift out of town!! xx, EJ

  2. Love the vest from the second image.

    P.S. Enter my amazing giveaway

    1. Thanks - its actually from Zara!! I got it on sale for like $20 bucks!!!

  3. I just thrifted an awesome Metaliic Gold skirt!!! I just put it on my mannequin soon and play around!

    1. Yay - love metallics!! Thrifting is awesome! always find amazing things!!

      xx, EJ


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