Friday, October 19, 2012

I Wanna Be A...

One thing I love about fashion is no matter what you wear, if you stay true to your personal style you will always look your best.  When I was younger, I frowned upon mixing polka dots with stripes or plaids with florals... But as an adult - it is the VERY thing I enjoy the most when getting dressed.  I love mixing prints, playing around with the endless options of eyegasms. Yes... mixing prints is an eyegasm b/c when effortlessly done - thats the feeling you get if you're a true fashion lover... I still have so much to learn about mixing prints but I'm happy with the chances I've taken thus far!

{Wearing: Gap Denim Jacket, Conway Shirt, Thrifted Skirt, Forever 21 Shoes}


  1. This works so well! You are great at styling clothes mama! And the hair looks fab as always!


    1. Thanks Kris!!! I appreciate it! I defnitely love playing around with clothing...

      xx, EJ


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