Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Evolution of Style

Looking back at my childhood photos - I realized that my style hasn't changed.  My love for popped collars, denim jackets and natural hair has traveled with me throughout the years. I'm sure many of you can look at your child hood photos and maybe you dressed totally different then, than you do now... but for me - my style is exactly that MY STYLE.  I owe it to my parents - both in my opinion  to be super stylish people.  Always making sure I looked good - they were sure to mold a bit of both their fashion styles into mine.  I think its amazing to look back and see that nothing has changed - I've only evolved from a stylish little girl into a stylish woman...



  1. You looked so cute in these images, such a cute kid!

    1. Thank you Tereza - I'm must shocked to see my style hasn't changed much from a child to an adult!

      xx, EJ

  2. stylish indeed...and that gorgeous smile-priceless :-)


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