Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrifted {Pt. 2}

I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted to thrifting.  On a little excursion to see my cousin, we stopped at the Salvation Army where I found some super cute goodies... Unfortunately, I arrived about 40 minutes before closing - which means I didn't have enough time to do a THOROUGH inspection of the store.  But I was able to come out with a few things that I must say are pretty awesome for a quick, spur of the moment trip.  

Take a look at my goodies...
Black Jumper $3.99

Floral Jumper $5.99

Sweater Skirt: $2.99

Plaid Skirt: $4.99 

Sweater Skirt: 2.99


  1. great finds!! Theres been a bed bug outbreak at my local thrift store so i have been staying faaaarrrrr away from it. It sucks cuz i haven't been thrifting of this season.

    1. That sucks... Hopefully you get to go thrifting soon! I'm headed back to VA so I can't wait!!

      xx, EJ

  2. I love the last look, that dotted sweater is so cute :).

    1. Thanks Tereza!! I wore the skirt but not with the sweater!!

      xx, EJ

  3. Hey, have not commented on your site in a while. But, can I have looks 1 and 4. OMG...really have wanted a jumper that I could kind of play with in my wardrobe and the last look I want just because...LOL As for the lady with the bed bug outbreak in the store. I know she said she wanted to stay far away but let her know that key is immediate washing (before taking them home) on hot temps and drying on hot temps and then in worse case, it gives her a reason to find a new local store. :-)


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