Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While We Stroll...

The Location
While taking a stroll on Atlantic Avenue with my friend, I stumbled upon this garage "gated" using wood 2x4's.  They were intricately placed, where from an angle - you can't see inside the garage.   The wood was unfinished and perfect as a background for my all black ensemble.  I immediately knew that I wanted to photograph here. 

The Hair
I'll admit - I'm extremely lazy when it comes to styling my hair - the most I'll do is a ponytail or a headwrap.  I've expressed on my instagram that I wanted to go short so tying my hair up gives me that "look" without the commitment. 

The Outfit
I purchased this coat a few years back from H&M for 50% off the original price but never really wore it since it has an unflattering cut.  In my opinion, it works best on a less curvy body type - but I couldn't resist just how stylishly awesome this coat is.  With that said, as silly as this will sound, the coat is simply for show and not for warmth. Of course, when I decided to wear this coat, I picked a day that ended up being quite cold but I'm sure we have ALL sacrificed a little warmth for looking ridiculously cool!

{Wearing: Forever 21 Scarf as Headwrap and Shoes, H&M Coat, Express Sweater, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans}


  1. the all black looks amazing against that background! you look fabulous :-)

    1. THANK YOU!! Definitely love this background!

      xx, EJ

  2. I LOVE your hair! And that coat is fabulous!!!

  3. That coat is hot and your hair, just perfect!

    1. Thanks Tereza!!! I love it but dont' wear it often enough!

      xx, EJ


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