Friday, November 2, 2012

Yes Please...

Yesterday was my FIRST day out of the house since Hurricane Sandy.  Making an attempt to get to Midtown, I realized it wasn't going to happen so I made plans to meet with my friend for hot chocolate and some much needed chit chat.  On our way to finding a spot that wasn't crowded, I decided this quiet street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn would be perfect for an OOTD Post.

The Crown
I've always been a fan of headwear - hats, scarves and anything in between.  This handcrafted crown by Vintage Addiction - {an accessories line by my cousin/best friend} is one of my favorites.  It's the perfect addition for anyone who wants to make statement. I had a lot of fun wearing this considering the amount of stares I got probably could reach record highs - but honestly - fashion is about taking risks and being YOU and this is definitely ALL EMIJAA JAAEMIL.  I'm so excited to be collaborating with Vintage Addiction designer, Tiffany to create more headpieces to be featured on Emijaa Jaaemil. Stay tuned there so much more to come!  

{Wearing: Vintage Addiction Crown, Aoyama Itchome Coat, Old Navy Chambray Shirt, H&M Leatherlike pants, Nine West Boots} 


  1. I adore those pants and that coat, such a nice outfit for a sweet fall day :).

    1. Hi Tereza!! Thank you... it definitely was a fall day! i froze lol... i'll be better prepared next time!

      xx, EJ

  2. Love the look!
    Newbie here *waving*
    I was going to try to get into the city too, but not going to happen.
    Whatever errands I have to run will take place Downtown Brooklyn as well. How are they planning to have this marathon!!??! I just don't know :/

    1. HI GABRIELLE!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! So glad to have another lovely on the list!!

      Brooklyn is so hectic. I hope everything is back to normal for Monday - can't function 100% with all these limitations!

      xx, EJ

    2. Hi!
      You're so welcome Emijaa!
      I'm glad I found you. Another NY'er to yap about thrifting too? Love it! Lol.
      And I am sooooo sorry to bust your bubble but it definitely won't be back to normal for over a week at least!
      Monday? No way :(
      Lower Manhattan is in ruins..
      I am just hoping all that water underground doesn't freeze up because of the cold. That would be a nightmare...
      Take care and be safe and as sane as possible out there :)


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