Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall Fancy

Typically, Tuxedo Jackets are meant to wear to fancy shindigs but after thrifting this one - I can't help but to find myself wearing it - all the time.  So far, I've worn it with a vintage tshirt and jeans (seen here); and as I create this post - I have it on again... as a more menswear inspired look.  This Tuxedo Jacket is actually a part of a women's suit but so far has shown to have numerous style benefits.  Another component of my outfit is my tulle skirt - also thrifted.  Definitely more expensive than my suit - but has been everything in a few of my most recent outfits.  I love dressing up and wearing these two pieces together has made for an extra fancy look... After shooting, I changed into some oxford shoes and a denim jacket... which brings me to the most important style lesson I've learned...

Versatility is key and something I look for when shopping/thrifting.  One thing I've learned about my style and fashion is that you should always be able to create numerous looks/feelings from one item. 

{Wearing: Thrifted Dress Barn Tuxedo Jacket, Thrifted Rena Rowan Tulle Skirt, Sports Tank, Thrifted Vintage Earrings, Nine West Boots}


  1. You look amazing, you are so beautiful. This is an stunning look.

    1. Thank you so much Tereza!!! I had fun taking these photos!

      xx, EJ

  2. I'm coming to play dress up in your closest!!!!



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