Tuesday, January 29, 2013


As a fashion blogger, posting outfits that are flattering is a must... for me, that isn't always the case! I love wearing new things (shaped or shapeless) and I tend to fall in love with outfits that don't always necessarily "flatter" me. For example - I love shift dresses but they don't always work for a gal with a shapely bottom.
I thrifted this dress a while back while in VA and because its so comfortable, I find it to be my universal comfort piece. It has absolutely no shape and can be a lil "homely" but I feel so sexy everytime I wear it...  I'm not a huge fan of overly tight, spandex everything dressing... so maybe my love for unshapely/unflattering clothing comes from the overly-saturated skin-tight dressing I constantly see... As unflattering as this outfit might be to some, I wouldn't have worn it any differently.  But in case you want to see it on a less homely note - 
 I last wore it here - where it looks much more appealing - thanks to the cinched waist on my blazer

{Wearing: Thrifted dress, Puma Beanie, H&M Striped Dress, Nine West Pumps, Emijaa Jaaemil Earrings}


  1. I actually really like this look! You pull it off well.

    1. Thank you!! Not something i'd normally wear or post but fashion is about taking risks right??

      xx, EJ


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