Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IFB Conference {Pt. 1}


Last week, I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFB Con) and as always, it is an experience that every blogger should have at least once.  Compared to my first attendance, this time around was much more "rewarding"!!  Being surrounded by creative minds and passionate souls gave me everything I needed to stay motivated with my own dreams and desires. 
 The day consisted of several panels discussing everything from the first year of blogging to social media to working with your favorite brands.  The panelists shared their stories and tips and tricks on how they became successful at blogging.  Some valuable lessons I learned were: 
 1.) Set Goals and invest your time into your blog, 2.) Be persistent and consistent, 3.) Be responsive and accessible, 4.) Create/build a relationship with your readers, 5.) Be You, focus on strengths and get creative!

As I mentioned before, this IFB Conference was much more rewarding for me than the first - my reason... Because I was able to listen and learn from jewelry designer, Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost.  As an upcoming jewelry designer, her words were inspirational.  After listening to her speak, a few things remained with me:
 1.) Who are you? - as a brand you should always be able to define who you are and stay true to that definition, 2.) Longevity - your voice should always have longevity and continued relevance, 3.)Interact with your audience - maintaining and sustaining a relationship with your audience is key. They are the reason why you continue to exist, 4.) Get opinions - don't be afraid to ask for opinions or thoughts on your brand.
As for me, I continued with my love of mixed prints in this black and white ensemble.  Check back for details on my IFB Con look...  

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  1. Great shots, Emijaa! I may think about attending the IFBCON in September. I went last Fall, but I didn't think I'd learn anything new if I attended more than once, but it sounds like you had a great 2nd experience!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House


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