Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lets Talk...

Lets talk hair!! I've been natural for 3 years now and it was INDEED the best choice I've ever made in regards to my hair.  BUT as versatile as natural hair can be - there are days that I miss my straight tresses.  Straightening natural hair can be very damaging and a long and tedious process (which is why I limit how many times I do it) but one thing I've learned is to embrace some good protective styling - in this case - WIGS...

I love to switch up my hair - short, long, straight, curly - WHATEVER and most of the time it's what hairstyle looks best with what I'm wearing.  Sometimes my curlfro doesn't look as pulled together and big bouncy curls work better - so to have some versatility and not damage my hair - I've invested in a few wigs.  My two favorite are below:
{I wear this one when I want straight hair that looks as natural as possible {to my own straight hair}.  Often times, I wear this one when I want to wear a hat! A curlfro under a scully - not a great look! LOL}

{I see so many short cuts and INSTANTLY - I want to take scissors to my hair... for a short term commitment - this cut works wonders... }
I have to admit - it took me a little while to embrace wearing wigs - mostly because I hate the "wig" look and always felt a bit self concious.  But now, I will rock one in a heart beat {as long as it looks natural and fits properly = KEY TO SUCCESSFUL WIG WEARING!}. 
A few things about wearing wigs... 
  1. No commitments - change up your style whenever you want.
  2. Test drive - if you're comtemplating a new color, hairstyle or cut - wear a wig for a week or two - see how you like it then make your decision.
  3. Low maintenance.
Wearing a wig doesn't have to be an awful experience... find the right fit/style/color and you're good to go!


  1. I love how versatile natural hair is. It's the best thing I've ever done too!!

  2. Missy you just have a natural talent in working your mane whether it be all natural or wiggin it. While I'm not a fan of sporting a wig myself you have great choices that suit you well in your selections! werk!



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