Thursday, November 14, 2013

At The Park

If you've noticed, my blog has shifted to me taking my photos while exploring different parts of NYC.  I love to travel but I'm not always able to get away. From my recent discoveries with adventurist/my photog - Johanny of NY Wanderlust - there is so much to see right in the tri-state. Having one of the most amazing transit systems in the world (although most New Yorkers have many reasons to complain about it) - most getaways are only a train or bus ride away.  In this case, we decided to visit Central Park.  This place never seems to get old and from the couple times I've visited, there is still so much to explore.  It seems to be a new adventure every time!!



 {Wearing: Old Navy Button Up; Gap 1969 Jeans; Christian Siriano x Payless Shoes}


  1. Such a beautiful classic combo! You look beautiful

  2. Great Location! I love the autumn it's the best time to take pictures IMO.

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful scenery, beautifully chic outfit.

  4. Thank you Dora, Elle and Candace!! I appreciate your comments!


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