the doll emijaa jaaemil...

I'm a laid back gal with many aspirations and many inspirations... in love with life, addicted to shoes and fascinated with artistic creativity and motivations... I love all things related to design and enjoy allowing my mind to take me on a creative rollercoaster. At this stage in my life, I'm still evolving and learning about myself and through Emijaa Jaaemil, I hope to share each new adventure good and bad with any and everyone willing to join in this lovely story we call LIFE... particularly my chapter!

my jewelry...
emijaa jaaemil is a collection of Independent, Versatile, Edgy and Classic pieces of jewelry to be worn by all who love and want to stand out. All pieces are handmade by ME with love at my Brooklyn apt. I want to provide my clients with timeless pieces that reflect not only how unique I am but also how unique each and every one of my clients are. I strive to make jewelry that accentuates and defines just how independent, versatile and classic you are!

with lots of love,
emijaa jaaemil