Allow me to re-introduce myself...

Allow me to re-introduce myself...


Guess who’s back!!! Hey Ya’ll!!

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Emijaa Jaaemil - owner and designer of Emijaa Jaaemil Co.    

It's been quite a while since I blogged... but after taking lots of time off to live life like making babies, getting engaged and finding where I want to focus my creative energy, I've decided that it's NOW officially time for me to return back to blogging... 


I’ve always had a passion for creating things which I picked up from my parents.  (Although I talk about my mom the most - my dad definitely had an influence on my creative side.) I remember watching my mom sew clothing on her industrial machines when we lived in the Bronx. She spent hours cutting and draping and sewing… for her brand “Emijaa Jaaemil”…which is where the brand originated!

“I actually have a shirt that she made that I rock today and its my favorite!! We fight about it all the time because she wants it back lol.   My mom has always been a huge inspiration behind my designing… Her style when I was growing up was impeccable… I  always told myself - her closet was going to be mine… between handmade clothing and killer shoes - my mom’s style and closet were #fashiongoals!”

Although I spent time designing and sewing as a teenager, it wasn’t until college that I really explored my creative side.  A lot of people don’t know but I started EJCo. creating and designing fashion jewelry. I learned how to make jewelry while attending St. Johns University and after graduation continued learning new skills and designing new things. With the support of my parents, family and friends, my passion for creating grew and I decided it was something I had to continue. It was then I decided to officially launch Emijaa Jaaemil Co. as a registered business (something my mom didn’t get a chance to do).  As I continued building my brand, I decided I needed an outlet for showcasing new ideas and showing my creative process - which lead to my blog   


When I first started blogging, my focus was solely on using the blogging platform to showcase my jewelry creations.  My blog was a place for me to interact with those interested in me and my creativity. It was a place for me to engage with other creative people. As I continued to design and create, I realized that I not only needed to showcase my designs but I also wanted to show how they can be styled and worn. This lead to me creating content using my personal style as a canvas for everything I created... As time went on, I found that I fell more in love with what I was wearing rather than what I was creating. I still made jewelry but my focus drastically shifted and it was no longer about Emijaa Jaaemil, the jewelry designer but more about Emijaa Jaaemil, the woman.  After some time, I took a long hard look at what I wanted and decided it was time to take a break from blogging. I needed to refocus my mind and energy back to designing and at the time I just didn't understand how to do both. So I chose to design. 

I decided to start blogging again as a way to reconnect with you all on another level and share my experiences as a woman, mother, daughter, friend, mate and business owner. Having a place to share ups and downs, get advice and learn from minds alike is why blogging for me has a purpose, why I’m choosing to start again. AND I've missed you all!! #EJGANG

Fast forward to the present, I am still creating and operating Emijaa Jaaemil Co. but have transitioned the business from fashion jewelry to headwear and to wherever else my creative process may take me. 

"Emijaa Jaaemil Co. is a small business delivering handmade headwear and accessories to beautiful people all over the country."

My goal is to create timeless, luxury accessories that are bold yet simple enough to make a statement when paired with anyone's  personal style and wardrobe.  My vision is to bring more diversity into the headwear and accessories industry using unexpected materials and fabrics in an unconventional way.  I also want to bring beauty and smiles back to those who may be suffering from illness and/or hair loss.

The Future...

I have quite a bit brewing for 2019. Below take a look at some of the things coming to Emijaa Jaaemil Co.

  • The Blog: The blog will include features on:
      • My personal style
      • Inspiration on wearing EJCo
      • Behind the scenes
      • Upcoming projects
      • Business updates
      • Balancing Life
      • Beauty and Hair
  • Increase in Pricing: I will be increasing prices at Emijaa Jaaemil Co.  I want to provide my customers with high end, quality products and experiences and need to increase prices in order to do so.  I have so many exciting things in store for you!!
  • Loyalty/Referral Program: I'm introducing a loyalty/referral program.  I love my customers and want to give those loyal to Emijaa Jaaemil Co. ways to save and also be rewarded for their continued support to the brand.  By earning points, you can redeem them towards your next purchase or refer a friend and get a discount when they make their purchase!  With time, I hope to offer more through the program.
  • EJCo. Care Box: Success is a great thing to achieve but for me the best achievements are giving back to people. The EJCo. care box is still in the development stages but I'm hoping to collaborate with a few brands to make a care box (at no cost to them) for those that may be suffering from illness or hair loss. Headwear and accessories are not only for those who want to make a fashion statement but also for those who may need a little reminder that they are beautiful as well! My motto is when you look good you feel good! It will feel good to know that as a customer of EJCo. you played a roll in bringing a smile to someones face!
  • EJCo. & You: I love meeting and interacting with my customers.  It is a great way for me to learn who you all are and what you want to see from EJCo. It also allows you all the opportunity to feel and experience the brand outside of the web and allows you all to share this journey with me.

With all of that being said, there is so much in store for the brand - Emijaa Jaaemil Co. I hope to be as transparent as possible with you all... As I continue to grow, I hope that you all continue to ride along with me on this rollercoaster.  It is going to take a lot of trial and error, blood, sweat and tears but my promise is to always deliver quality work with outstanding customer service while continuing to develop a long lasting relationship with you all! Buckle up, and enjoy the ride -with your cutest headwear of course!!

 xx, EJ


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