FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the standard size?

    Turbans are created using a 24 inch head circumference. 

  2. Can my turban be customized?  

    Yes. EJCo. can make customize sizes if our standard 24 inches is too big or small for your head. When placing order, provide EJCo. with your head measurement (circumference). We also can customize fabrics - provided they are available in our stock.

  3. Does it ACTUALLY take 2 weeks to make a turban?

    No. In an uninterrupted environment, I can produce a turban in about an hour. But with two kids - what are the chances! 

  4. Why 2 week production time?

    EJCo. requires a 2 week production window to allow for life to happen. I am a mother of two, soon to be wife and  IT Trainer by Day,  EJCo. isn't my only full time job. As the designer and maker, I try to produce my work in a timely manner and meet all deadlines but some things are left out of my control.

  5. Are SALES really final?

    Yes and No.  EJCo. has been burned in the past - hence the reason why all sales are final.  But one of my main goals is to provide excellent customer service so if you aren't satisfied, want to make an exchange or the product doesn't fit quite right (depending on the circumstance) - send me an email so we can figure something out. A happy customer is a growing business and communication is key!